Good Lookin Killers

Kill everybody and look good doing it

War Hero's



War Hero's are team members that keep there cool even when F bombs are flying keeping the team on the right path for the win and doing what it takes to keep the team from making the same mistake as the other team......


Fallen Hero's


We are back to a full team so now the only fallen hero's will be the other teams...

The War Makers

a50calR3PINSx - Sniper

Agent Orange723 - new member

bobkiller8 - Spec.OPPS

brian slice - Gunner Support

frankiee123 - Sniper

Ghost one20 - Run -n- Gunner

i ride 750 - Gunner Support

KADOOKO69 - Runner

krosseyekirb - Gunner/Sniper

mccabe3549 -  Gunner Support

Mike2522 - Gunner Support

NuTyBuCkEyE - Spec.OPPS

o MadTimbo o - Gunner/Sniper

slowgixxer - Run -n- Gunner

SHORTI3USdriver - Spec.OPPS

StillBornNinja - Run -n- Gunner

UnshapedMule - Gunner/Sniper

Woodrow117 - Run -n- Gunner

XSurgeonX - Sniper

XTrullsRohkX - Sniper

The Gear


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