Good Lookin Killers

Kill everybody and look good doing it

our anual meeting face to face party

fully catered food court/open bar till sun rise--and some live paintball action

full weekend camp out party --was really awsom  oh ya forgot to mention big bon fire and fire walkin and fire blowing compition---slice won that one -LOL

Some pics

ok we had some live fire going on or what good would it have been

mule before he started drinkin



i think nosoupforyou is a little to serious

unshapedmule blowin bubbles

mule after he had some moonshine--feelin alittle better


iride750 doin who knows what to jixer

irde and 50cal gettin all buddy buddy

um--- did ya have to put this pic on here

brian slice showin how to get work done

unshapedmule blowin bubbles ---again  !

miskirb cheatin the system--half full or half empty--you decide

he-haw-he-haw--ride um cowboy

ok --i couldnt carrie our team any longer--

krosseyedkirb says --WTF are you guys doing --OMG


this was trully a party to remember it was really neat finally meeting everyone face to face---cant wait till next year---see ya's then  






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