Good Lookin Killers

Kill everybody and look good doing it




WE HAVE BUILT THIS CLAN BASED ON Gentlemanly Likable & Kind type players we are hear for the long hule we are not a fly by night clan you as a member represent who we are online and in real life !

and that is a awesome responsibility that will be taken seriously at your peril

you will be;gentility >noun socially superior or genteel character or behavior.;1 mild or kind; not rough or violent.  2 not harsh or severe.  3 archaic noble or courteous.

and you will be held acountable !

some of us have spent a lot of time, effort & money building this clan and under no circumstances will a member be aloud to dismantle our honorable name we have worked so hard to establish ! we do not and will not be apart of the verbal assaults we find in our daily game play environment whether it is a public room or a sanctioned match ! everyone needs to rise above the others and be a pillar in your own community on and off the field ! this is only xbox live ! and for those of you who never played a real life sport ? maybe you are not familiar with the verbal assaults that play out in that arena but this is not that type of format cause i cant reach over and give ya a lippie (a punch in the face) so if that’s the case you all need to use the power of your mind and your verbal espionage to defeat your advisory and deface there every effort to begin an argument GLK members will  rise up and be the bigger man ! when a little punk is trying to get a rise out of you and you fall victim to it you are no better then he where as in so many occasions that every one has witness before your very eyes slice the master at diffusing of the situation has done before ! its easy-and ya walk away feeling a lot better about your self-just have pitty on them and feel sorry for them and you will come to understand they are miserable and have a feeble life

feeble >adjective (feebler, feeblest) 1 lacking physical or mental strength. 2 failing to convince or impress: a feeble excuse.

and you will be the bigger man !if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem there is no in between

you will be ;gentlemanly;;

a courteous or honorable man bringing and worthy of honor 

honor glk by honering yourself !
























1) golden rule BE Gentlemanly

;a courteous or honorable man bringing and worthy of honor


the leaders are only volunteers and sometimes we miss the little things that creep up and bite us in the ass so please no gossip


A)everyone on the ladder at a minimum needs to know the GB rules by heart or have them readily available at your finger tips ie; i printed them so they sit on my xbox

B)please be courteous to the person trying to set up match setting's , get other team in the room and check roster and we all know about picking teams it hasn’t quit been reconfigured so bare with us---the old way ! was perfect except for the fact that no one used it

sometimes everyone is speaking at same time and that can effect others game play

C) i know some of our team is so good they never need to practice or go over break out strategy and so ya can just fuc around during our break-out session but some of us really have to focus harder then others and you all need to be considerate of that fact that some of us take it quit serious--it helps me personally when we get our asses kicked but i know we at least had our plan in place but when we don’t and we lose it compounds that shitty feeling i get when I know in my heart we had no basic plan





rule 1 section a

we all under stand some times ya need to stick up for your selves (usually because your so insecure in your real life ) but there is different ways to win an argument or to stand up for what ya believe in (but stop wasting your breath)in the real world of business the honorable way to talk down on a competitor is to merely not acknowledge there existence ! because when you speak crap and garbage about them the impression left is sometimes viewed as though you where speaking about your self ! remember that one forever

subsection b

all in all you can always find away to honorably argue ! example i once told a phone operator he was equivalant to human excrement ! (did i say you’re a piece of shit-no-) but he did pause for a moment and had to think about what i did say ! and that battle was won ! why because i wasn’t shouting and trying to speak over him because when people do that they aren’t listening anyway again wasting your breath-speak softly and carry a bigger stick

rule 2 section a

gossip >noun 1 casual conversation or unsubstantiated reports about other people. 2 chiefly derogatory a person who likes talking about other people's private lives.

if there is a problem please bring it out in the open because if it lingers it turns into a festering pussy mess---my opinion on one of the reasons im still happily married to my high school sweet heart--i never walk away from an argument no mater how much it sucks to talk it over and get it aired out ! not saying it's always resolved but at least its off your chest



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